Affordable SEO Services for Small Business
Affordable SEO Services for Small Business
April 24, 2016
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February 3, 2017
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5 Digital Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Site


Business competition has been a fiery affair and this situation has not changed with online marketplace. More and more purchases being made through a portable device like a smartphone, tablet or laptop. This fact compels ecommerce store owners to ensure their website is performing at optimal level. There are number of ways available to you for optimizing every aspect of your online store. Here, we have explained top 5 of them:

Analyze Mobile Traffic

Over half of the online sales are being made through mobile phones and this trend will see an upward increase in next years. Mobile compatibility is one of the 200 Google search ranking signals. It means this factor is not only important in digital marketing but also in SEO as well.

For providing the best mobile shopping experience to your customers, first you have to analyze mobile traffic through Google Analytics. This will give you data about how many visitors are using a mobile device. If this is around 10%, it means you have to optimize and monitor mobile search.

Next, you should provide a good experience to your mobile device visitors. It can be measured through conversion rates via mobile devices. You have to compare this rate with desktop purchase rates. There can be many reasons behind low mobile conversions like complicated design of your ecommerce store, lack of click-to-call number and images.

Install Call Tracking

Phone calls are not only primary media to communicate with your customers but also search engines deem your website more credible. It helps in boosting conversion rates. You can easily understand your sales by using call data analytics.

For collecting this data, you have to install a call tracking software. You can easily detect any obstacles in conversion path. It can be used to find out which channel is bringing phone calls to your site. So you would know which advertising channel has maximum return on investment.

Apply Heatmaps

It is a time saving method to analyze crucial data as heatmaps offer visual data about website performance. With these, you will know which of your content is engaging and which is not. To get better insight, you should use heatmaps on most important webpages of your ecommerce site. This way you will understand which information is engaging visitors.

Use A/B Testing

In this testing, you use two versions of a single web page. The control version is A and you will apply variation on the B version. You have to make both pages live for traffic so you would know which version is leading to higher conversion rates.

Ecommerce websites and online retailers should use testing in digital marketing. There are number of changes you can make in testing like layout, copy writing, pricing, headlines, images, promotions, etc.

Google Ecommerce Tracking

Google Analytics has eCommerce tracking feature which allow websites to use revenue numbers within analytics account. It’s quite a handy feature as you would identify which of your traffic sources are generating how much revenue. For instance, you can make a comparison between revenues generated through SEO efforts and an email campaign.

If you are a busy retailer or don’t have enough knowledge, use our services for PPC, SEO, Social media, Google shopping and other shopping stores.

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