Inexpensive Tools and Strategies for Internet Marketing


Internet marketing refers to the use of the Web and email to advertise a business and increase its sales. Some businesses rely solely on internet marketing while others use internet marketing in combination with traditional marketing tools like ads in newspapers, on TV etc.

Internet marketing can be done through a variety of tools, some of which are expensive while others do not cost much. Digital marketers who offer internet marketing in Pakistan believe that using the right tools for internet marketing can cut your marketing cost to a great extent. Here are some methods that can help you to advertise on the internet while staying in the budget.

Endorsement by a local celebrity

Everyone wants global celebrities in their ads but the problem is they are very expensive. You can rely on your local celebrities, instead. These local celebrities are unrecognized heroes who have contributed positively in your society but are not known. Not only they can help you in increasing traffic to your website but can also help you to achieve sustainable growth for your business.

Use niche blogs

Niche blogs are better opportunities for internet marketing in Pakistan. Find out blogs that also target your audience and ask them to advertise your products. In return of that, you can offer them some of your services or products as a gift. You can also ask them to upload their interview on your site as a reward for them.

Upload videos on YouTube

YouTube is one of the websites which enjoy unique visitors every day. You can create interesting videos and upload them on YouTube. You can make a video with your mobile phone or smartphone and edit it with free software available on the internet. The video will also contain links to your website. Viewers will come across this link and may click on it to know more about your product or service.

Write an e-book

Unlike a video, the e-book will not contain a link to your website. Choose an interesting topic about your industry, write an e-book and upload it on Amazon or any other website that can give you leads. Visitors will read the e-book and head to your website to know more about the subject. In this way, the book will be a lead generation tool for your website.

Google AdWords

AdWords and PPC (pay per clock) are rapidly growing popular especially for those businesses which target a niche or a specific group of customers. It is found that long tail keywords produce excellent click-through rate and in-turn conversions. You can keep your daily budget approximately 1000 pkr to increase traffic to your website.

Facebook adds

Advertizing on facebook means a saturated group of audience for internet marketing in Pakistan. Here you can find and hit the exact person you want to sell your product. You can find out new customers by searching through new demographics. You are added up to their watch list when they “like” your add and will be notified whenever you announce something.

Internet marketing is the today’s trend. Internet marketers who offer internet marketing in Pakistan carefully select the best combination of different tools that could give highest leads to your website. Find out an experienced and dedicated internet marketer and make your business popular!

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