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Google History From 1997

Google history from 1997

When Google Registered?


Domain Name: registered as a website in 15 September 1997. Larry and Sergey’s mission to organize huge data and information on the web.


  • April: Google CEO Larry launches a monthly newsletter for share information about company.
  • August: Son off Larry page Andy Bechtolsheim writes a check for $100,000 to an entity
  • September: On 4 September 1998 Larry and Sergey open a bank account on the company name and deposit Andy Bechtolsheim’s check.
  • December: PC Magazine writer a column about Google, “Report” Google has fantastic and more relevant results. And now we have a chance to get more relevant search results.


  • February: when Google was growing they move to new location at 165 University Avenue in Palo Alto with just 8 employees.
  • May: After 10 years Omid steps down from his active job in his company, and becoming as a senior advisor.
  • June: Google announces first press release 25 million US dollars round from Sequoia Capital. And Michael Moritz and John Doerr join the board.
  • August: Google move to first location Mountain View,( 2400 Bayshore)
  • November: Google hire first chef, Charlie Ayers.


  • April: Google announce the Mental Plex. Google’s capability to read the picture of your mind. That’s why Google’s providing more relevant results as you want.
  • May: Google win the first webby Award. Her I want share with you about webby Award, Webby award (Technical Achievement (voted by Peoples) and judges)

The first 10 languages of are released: German, French, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish and Norwegian. Today, Google search is available in 150+ languages.

  • September: Google starts a Starbucks on 86th Street New York with a one-body sales “team. Today, in (2013) more than 2,000 employees work in Google New York office.
  • October: Google launches Google ad Words with 350 customers.
  • December: Google released first Google Toolbar that providing search without visiting the homepage of Google.


  • February: Google add search and browse features and launch it as Google Groups.
  • March: Google hire a chairman of the board of directors.( Eric Schmidt)
  • July: Google launches Google images with 250 million images.
  • August: Google open first international office, in Tokyo, Japan. Eric Schmidt becomes first Google CEO in Tokyo, Japan
  • December: Google release first annual Zeitgeist, a visual look at what millions of Google users searched for over the year just ending.


  • February: Google launches a major overhaul for Ad Words, including new CPC pricing.
  • April: Google release the first set of Google APIs. Including Java, Perl and Visual Studio.
  • May: Google release the first Labs, which let people try out beta technologies and was the proving ground for many features, Like Google Scholar, Google Transit, and Google Trends.
  • September: Google launches Google news with 4,000 news sources. Now Google have 50,000+ news sources, with 70 different regional.
  • October: Google open new office in Sydney the second office after Japan.
  • December: Google launches Froogle people can search stuff for buy.


  • February: Google launches acquire Pyra Labs the creators of Blogger. This time more than 300 million peoples visiting Blogger every month.
  • March: Google announced Google AdSense, a new advertising services…
  • April: Google launch Google Grants the nonprofit edition of Ad Words.
  • December: Google release Google Print (Google Books), indexing small excerpts from books to appear in search results. This time Google scanned more than 20 million books.


  • January: Google launch Orkut, The largest social networking site.
  • March: Google move to the new office “Googolplex” at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View with 800+ employees.
  • April: Google launch Gmail on 1st April Fools’ Day. And just send first invite to google users. Now Gmail boasts more than 425 million users. And Google live Official Google blog.
  • May: Google announce the first medalist of the Google Anita Borg Scholarship.
  • July: Google achieve Picasa, which helps people display and organize photos online.
  • August: Google Offering of 19,605,052 shares of Class A common stock takes place on Wall Street. Opening price: 85 dollar’s per share.
  • September: Google open first Google office in Hong Kong, China region.
  • October: Google launch digital mapping technology. And Google acquire Google Scholar in beta. And also Google start providing SMS services. Google open first European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, with 150 multilingual employs. Also open new offices in Hyderabad and Bangalore, India.
  • December: Google make, that technology can help prepare the world a better place.


  • February: Google add satellite views and directions in Google map.
  • April: Google Maps becomes for mobile phones in the U.S. And Google upload first video on YouTube. (In 2005 you tube was not a part of Google).
  • Google launch’s Personalized Homepage (iGoogle) and now iGoogle and not available as of November 2013.
  • June: Google released mobile web search services. And Google announce Google Earth satellite plus image based mapping service. And also released Google Maps API.
  • August: Google launch Google Talk, an application for Gmail users.
  • November: Google release Google Analytics. And Google open new office in first in Latin America Mexico City.
  • December: Google launch’s Transit in the Portland metro area. And also Google launch’s Gmail for mobile in US.


  • March: Google Finance announced complete with interactive charts from Google News.
  • April: Google launches Google Calendar to help peoples keep track of events. And Google launches Google translate with offering translations between Arabic and English. Today google providing translations between 70+ different languages.
  • May: Google release Google Trends the way to visualize the popularity of searches. And Google launches Gmail in Arabic.
  • June: Google announce Checkout an easy and fast way to pay for online purchases.
  • August: Google announce Apps for Your Domain is released. Including Calendar and Gmail. Today, more than five million businesses are using Google Apps.
  • October: Google launch Apps for Education. Today more than 25 million users using Apps for Education. Google announce Google acquisition of YouTube.


  • February: Google add traffic information provider to Google Maps for 30+ cities around the USA.
  • May: Google add Street View in Google map’s around the US cities. San Francisco, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and Denver. Today, Street View is available in more than 50 countries around the world.
  • June: Google install solar panels on Mountain View campus.
  • September: Google introduced AdSense for Mobile. Google add a new application for making slide in to Google Docs.
  • November: Google announce Android the first open platform for mobiles.


  • January: Google launches bold Internship system providing opportunities for students.
  • March: Google complete the acquisition of Double Click, a digital marketing resource that provides ad management technology for Companies,
  • May: Google host the first Google I/O, Annual developer conference in San Francisco.
  • June: Google Map Maker launches, enabling peoples to directly update geographic information in Google Earth and Google Maps.
  • July: Google maps provide Street View for the entire 2008 Tour de France route, Street View imagery in Europe.
  • August: Google launches a site dedicated to the 2008 U.S. elections. And In 2012, Google take this to the next level with, providing online tools and news for elections in worldwide.
  • September: Google launches Google chrome for downloading.
  • November: Google release Google Flu Trends, around the U.S.


  • February: Google launch Voice Search for Android. Android users can start searching by voice with the touch of a button.
  • March: Google launch’s that Voice will be integrated into Google+ Hangouts.
  • July: Google announce Google Chrome OS, an open source, lightweight operating system initially targeted at laptops.
  • September: Google introduce the Double Click Ad Exchange, a real-time marketplace that helps large online publishers on one side.


  • Google introduce the Nexus One to show what’s possible on Android devices.
  • February: Google release ultra-high-speed broadband networks.
  • May: Google acquire Ad Mob, a mobile display advertising company.
  • October: Google developed technology for cars that can drive themselves
  • December: Google introduces True View on YouTube.


  • April: Larry Page takes over as CEO— after 10 years he last held the title.
  • May: Google announce the first Chrome books from partners Samsung and Acer.
  • June: Google add speech recognition into search on desktop for Chrome users.
  • September: Google acquire Zagat to help you find the very best places.
  • November: Google launch’s Google plus page to contact with your business.
  • December: Google open new office in Paris.


  • March: Google launch’s Google Play for Android.
  • April: Google announce Google Drive,
  • May: Google introduce the Knowledge Graph in Search.
  • June: Google release the first Nexus 7—a powerful 7″ tablet.
  • October: Samsung Chrome book becomes available for just $249.
  • December: Google Maps available the iPhone.


  • February: Google designed newest laptop the Chrome book Pixel from the ground.
  • May: Gmail gets a brand new inbox style that helps you see what’s new.
  • June: Google acquire Waze to help you outsmart traffic.
  • September: Google announce Calico, a new company that will focus on health with Arthur D. Levinson as CEO.

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